Set it, and They’ll NEVER Forget it.

Since our primal, hunting days: men hunted, caught and fed the village. THEN gathered to share Stories around a fire; this was their safe space.

A lot about us has changed since then, but our instinct, remains the same.

For a young man to share his truth and story, he must be in a safe space. Otherwise his ‘primal brain’ signals that he might be in danger/die.

This stresses the need to CREATE a safe space by first earning his trust before talking. And an efficient way is doing something HE loves. The thing THEY consider to be cool is their hunting grounds.

CHILL, Then Talk. (with empathy, curiosity and understanding)

Be cool with it, create a safe space, and let the conversation happen naturally. At home, the classroom or during an activity.


Set it, and they’ll never forget it.

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