The time has come…

The Nerve-rackingly exciting moment we wanted to share with you. The Rebrand. — We surprised ourselves with how only a minor change in words created such a large difference for our team, mission and vision. And it makes sense, because it often can take one word to alter someone\’s life. In this case; a movement.

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Ok this will get a bit real…

Testosterone is crucial for a young man’s function.For his Drive. For his Development. For his Stress Tolerance. For Procreation. And simply put, most boys now, are increasingly emasculated.The metaphorical removal of reproductive organs…It’s showing in grip strength, productivity and suicide statistics. They are FROZEN…unable to face their personal dragons.Little fight. Little Drive. Little Personal Power.

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The greatest BS

Is when someone states that they don’t have a purpose… There’s a big “you must have a big purpose otherwise you’re underachieving” thing going on. Which is true…Subjectively.Subjectively. Because everyone has different standards for different areas of life. When 1000’s of people line up to buy the new the newest kicks/phone…strong purpose is required.When 10000’s

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Young men DO NOT need to be fixed.It genuinely pains me when hear this language when educators describe their ‘pointy ended’ students. I know this isn’t the case for all teachers, but I hear it far more often than is helpful. it’s usually due to a lack of information, and I hope to help bring


Young Men & Worthlessness

You\’re Worthless…This is what many young men hear daily. Especially if they\’re not living to expectations.Especially if they\’re not performing at school.Especially if they\’re using school as an emotional out. From a societal productivity standpoint. This is horror.Men who are not positively validated, will find another way, no matter what. This is a survival need,

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We hold this very true to my heart, and it shines in our messaging with young men. Why? Because by definition:Honour = Bringing Respect.And hard work, is at the forefront of this equation. We hold the belief that anything worth doing; will most likely be challenging; and by nature requiring hard work.It also makes the


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