The greatest BS

Is when someone states that they don’t have a purpose…

There’s a big “you must have a big purpose otherwise you’re underachieving” thing going on.

Which is true…Subjectively.
Subjectively. Because everyone has different standards for different areas of life.

When 1000’s of people line up to buy the new the newest kicks/phone…strong purpose is required.
When 10000’s of people line up to taste a burger that a youtuber chose to start selling…strong purpose is required.
When 90% of millennials use their phones for entertainment, often taking energy from other areas of their lives…strong purpose is required.

Simply Put: Purpose = Your ‘Why’, and everyone has different why’s.
And yes, it can be frustrating that many of the emerging why’s have failed to gear towards objectively productive means.

We expected purpose to go from Survival -> Intergalactic Space Travel.
Instead, we ‘landed’ at Netflix Marathons.

Personally, I don’t think this is wrong or right.
I just don’t think it’s very sustainable for the long-term.

The solution? Making ‘Contributing to Society’ AWESOME.
How? By allowing students to SEE THE VALUE in hard work and giving back (extending the time horizon of the ‘why’).

Key Word: allowing.

Through Personal Story, Role-modelling Growth, and Hearing THEM out.
I also believe that this is the solution to many mental health problems for MANY young men.

“give a man a purpose and the ability to achieve it, and he will crawl on broken glass with a smile”

This is what we do.
The purpose part, not the ‘crawling on broken glass’ 😉

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