Ok this will get a bit real…

Testosterone is crucial for a young man’s function.
For his Drive. For his Development. For his Stress Tolerance. For Procreation.

And simply put, most boys now, are increasingly emasculated.
The metaphorical removal of reproductive organs…
It’s showing in grip strength, productivity and suicide statistics.

They are FROZEN…unable to face their personal dragons.
Little fight. Little Drive. Little Personal Power.

Why? I’ll jot down a few on-the-field insights:

1) Porn:

Men have been psychologically wired to: undertake Honourable, HARD work…then become a suitable mate…then procreate.
With porn, that just wiped out the first 2 steps. So what’s the point of hard work and becoming an honourable man. The primal pinnacle is achieved within 30 seconds and a few touches. A big ouch for Women and Society.

2) Blame/Shame:

I think men are being blamed alot recently.
I see it, and I don’t stand for it.
Even in cases where its justified, accountability is more powerful than blame.

Honestly, the amount of young men now who are just so FRIGHTENED to even look at a girl now because of potential ‘virtuous’ online harassment, is benign. Men are indeed still human. Men have eyes.
Look, It’s a better problem to have then rape, but let’s relax with swinging the pendulum too far from where it was.

3) Lack of Stress:

50 years ago, people were incredibly resilient. Because they needed to be.
When cortisol increases (stress), so does testosterone to compensate.
THIS is where the magic lies.

Stress is often viewed negatively nowadays. Let me assure you, it’s not.
Stress = Adaptation = Competence = Expansion of the Human Race.

So, instead of asking: How can I make things easier?
Let’s go for: How can I become more able?
Let’s ask better questions, for better solutions.

— — — — — –

There is nothing wrong with a very masculine man.
The same way there’s nothing wrong with feminine woman.

It’s only a matter of knowing how to use that energy, productively, for society.
Resourcefulness > Emasculation.

Let’s build a thriving society 😉

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