Young Men & Worthlessness

You\’re Worthless…
This is what many young men hear daily.

Especially if they\’re not living to expectations.
Especially if they\’re not performing at school.
Especially if they\’re using school as an emotional out.

From a societal productivity standpoint. This is horror.
Men who are not positively validated, will find another way, no matter what.

This is a survival need, when not met, will result in the outlying stats that are present in young men.

Crime. Fatherlessness. Suicide.

Young Men need love.
They need purpose.
They need competence.
They need independence.

Strip them from these needs, and the consequences won\’t take to long to show.

As educators to is our duty to support and inspire.
Not to dictate and punish.

Young men desire a good challenge with incentives.
They want to desire competence.
They desire a rock-hard purpose, and the ability to fulfil it daily.

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