The Reknighted Workshop | What\’s all the buzz for?

What is Reknighted? And why is this workshop elevating cohorts?

Let\’s Break it down real quick…

The Reknighted workshop is a preventative, bold, and innovative approach to the increasing issues of Suicide, Fatherlessness, Crime & Sexual Abuse to/from Men.

Because in essence, we: Unearth Men of Honour

1. Student Outcomes

First, let\’s start with the juice: Student Outcomes.

\”Mental illness in young men costs the Australian economy $3.27bn a year in lost productivity\”

EY Australia, 2012

Unfortunately, over the past 10 years the Economy & Employment has only suffered further due to major economic/social shifts and an impending employment crisis.

\”9 Australians take their lives every day, 7 of which are men\”

ABS, 2022

And yes, our workshop provides a direct and preventative solution to the mental issues costing the Australian economy. It will:

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence/Competence: The workshop will help students develop heightened self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. By improving these skills, students are better equipped to handle stress, manage their emotions, and build positive relationships with others.
  • Uncover Awareness of Vision & Purpose: The workshop will provide students with opportunities to explore their strengths, interests, and values, and to discover their unique potential and purpose. By doing so, students will be better prepared to make informed decisions about their future, set goals, and pursue their passions.
  • Realise Respect for Same and Different Genders/Origins: The workshop will encourage students to treat each other with respect, regardless of gender or origin. By promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity, students will learn to appreciate diversity, build healthy relationships, and reduce the incidence of bullying and harassment.
  • Catalyse Understanding/Connection within the School Community: The workshop will create a sense of community and belonging among students, teachers, and parents. By providing opportunities for students to connect with others who share their interests, passions, and values, the workshop will promote a culture of collaboration, empathy, and support.
  • Increase Teacher Competence to Help Students: By immersing staff into the workshops, we will provide teachers with the tools they need to support the boys\’ mental health and wellbeing. Powerful and tangible resources are also provided to students, teachers and parents.
  • Reduce future workplace costs on mental health: Whether it be no shows, mental illness, family troubles, lack of direction, arrogance or lack of awareness.

You might ask; That great and Grand…

2. But How?

The most basic answer: Role Models and Cultural Integration

It forms the unspoken and behavioural change that many educators crave within their young men.

This is achieved through;

1. Change in the cultural language: equipping students and teachers to express their needs: ‘can I lean in’, ‘I want to honour you for’, ‘I feel’, ‘I want to clear something you’, \’my vision is becoming…\’.

2. Highly Relevant Tools: Curiosity, Lean In, Vision Setting. Visit HERE for more info:)

3. Efficient communication: between school teachers and Reknighted (Pre-workshop comms/deets, follow-up, and resources provided to all relevant teachers).

4. Teacher inclusion into the workshop: conveying their authentic self to students for a reduced barrier of expression from students/teachers.

It\’s all about culture; whether it\’s resources, role modelling behaviours, top-down support or bottom-up transparency.

A student outcome-focused approach that promotes internal (truth/connection, resilience, self-discovery/purpose) and external (productivity/performance, friend and teacher support, respect for opposite sex) behaviour changes among young males.

3. Effectiveness

Reknighted has implemented multiple strategies in place to ensure the highest effective dose of MAGIC. The following strategies have been acquired from Reknighted’s emphasis on lean operation and impact, since the company’s birth.

  • Role Models: Our product is our brotherhood, our culture. We have built our team with the core principal of leading by example. From personal stories to current goals; the entire team is aligned to the mission of serving the boys.
  • In-Depth Recruitment and Training: The hiring and preparation of our facilitators is Reknighted’s Highest Priority. We have implemented a rigorous & transparent training program (MHFA, NLP, Life-Coaching, In-House, Observatory Practice) and culture systems to ensure that our facilitators are effective and can provide a positive experience for the boys.
  • Workshop Size: For optimal engagement and effective facilitation, we limit class sizes to a maximum of 40 boys with 2 Facilitators (1 Facilitator /20 Boys).
  • Extremely simple & compact resources: Unlike booklets or projected info, this program uses highly efficient resource cards and sticky notes that are optimal for lean facilitation (interaction focused) and effective take-home learning.

4. A Few BTS facts

As to why we keep improving, also a little cultural brag.

  • Pre/Post-Workshop Huddles: A team huddle is paid mandatory practice pre & post-workshop. This is where the Facilitators & Teachers lean in, raise flags and discuss actionable strategies for cultural behavioural change. Notes are recorded on student outcomes achieved.
  • Monthly Debriefs: Occurring before monthly training, the monthly debriefs are a whole team regroup. This half-day process leans facilitators in to celebrate wins that have taken place, raises green flags, and shares statistical data on student outcomes from workshops.
  • On-the-field insights: Student Outcome related info (Current Climate, Improvements, Wins, Flags) captured during the workshops is instantly shared and communicated in our group channels.
  • 6-Week School Follow-Ups: Scheduled Calls to wellbeing head, monitoring student outcomes and cultural behavioural change. Tracking academic performance, attendance, social/emotional wellbeing, behaviour change/incidents.

A fun fact about how this workshop came to be:

Before pivoting into the purposeful work we are starting in schools, Reknighted was a transformational Mind & Body Coaching Company. We specialised in working with young men; guiding them to become more authentic, resilient & purposeful Men of Honour. This evidence base of 110 >6 Week Clients is the foundation of the powerful behavioural change that The Reknighted workshop induces. The average rating from all 110 Clients was 4.8/5 stars.

Then we thought to ourselves…

What if we just ditched the surface level \’body stuff\’ and went all in on the core of the issue?

And instead of dealing with the issues reactively, why aren\’t we proactive about it and help before it becomes an issue?

Hence, The Reknighted Workshop

available now in your nearest school district 😉

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