How We Came To Be

Before pivoting into the purposeful work we are starting in schools (June 2021), Reknighted was a transformational Mind & Body Coaching Company. We specialised in working with young men; guiding them to become more in-shape, resilient & purposeful Men of Honour. This evidence base of 110 >6 Week Clients is the foundation of the powerful behavioural change that The Reknighted Workshop induces. The average rating from all 110 Clients was 4.8/5 stars.

But With all of that good stuff, we realised something. The majority was all surface level, and there were actually deeper rooted issues and needs that weren\’t being met.

Then we thought to ourselves…

What if we just ditched the surface level \’body stuff\’ and went all in on the core of the issue?

And instead of dealing with the issues reactively, why aren\’t we proactive about it and help before it becomes an issue?

Hence, The Reknighted Workshop was born.

A Workshop That:

  • Instilled Honourable Values in Young Men
  • Increased Emotional Intelligence/Competence
  • Uncovered Awareness of Vision & Purpose
  • Realised Respect for Same and Different Genders/Origins
  • Catalysed Connection within the Community
  • Reduced future workplace costs/issues with mental health

That Moment was magic.

That Moment was the Rising of Excalibur

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