Circles = Gold (For Engagement)

We\’ve been at it for a while with young men: the whole range.

And Yes, the buy in received from one boy to another can change drastically. However, there is a goldilocks zone, and there\’s a simple way to achieve it… Circles.

Why, because we\’ve been in circles since the beginning of time: Campfires, huddles dances.

Because that\’s when we can collaboratively respect and see each other eye to eye.

So… why not do this more often in the class?

Because by way of research, it:

  • Engages more
  • Appeals to the instinct
  • Encourages Shared Opportunity
  • Promotes listening
  • Creates an equal power dynamic
  • Superior for collaboration

Circles are big in our program for a reason.

It a power with, not power over type thing.

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