Our Trinity of Honour

Our workshops are split into 3 parts (parallel to the hero’s journey): EXIT (Curiosity), CHALLENGE (Lean In), RETURN (Vision Setting). Most activities are tailored to the student needs and school’s bespoke culture, here\’s what goes on:


Paired with a new musical/chill atmosphere, curiosity is a proven pattern interrupt to the boys’ typical life in school; therefore, catalysing the EXIT stage.

Curiosity is our way of understanding the boys and meeting them where THEY’RE at. In a very real way, this sets a very different tone to what students expect. After this, The Role Model Facilitators (who have obtain deep lived experience) share their authentic story of how they were in school, then relating it to them now. This process reaps powerful results.

“what do you guys do here in Insertname high School? What do you guys do outside of here? Does anyone else do that? wait, who knew that Jack plays ping pong comps?” When I was in high school…


This activity is a compulsory staple in each workshop. It is the main ‘death and rebirth’ section of the contained hero’s journey. This is where the boys arrange the chairs in a circle in the room, and are shown how to lean in.

This then sets off a popcorn style format of boys opening up about their current emotional state, circumstances and life events in a radically authentic way. This is a large CHALLENGE for many young men and obtains great positive reinforcement when facilitated well.

“David, leaning in | I’m feeling…because… | David Leaned In”


This section involves a scattered seated format in the room, with the lights dim. A facilitator begins to lead the boys in a mental journey, invoking them to the question ‘who is the man I am becoming?’.

This process is basically Future Pacing/Emotional Time Travel; allowing the boys to emotionally envision the man that they want to become (often for the very first time). This sets the students to RETURN into the community with a newfound purpose and motivation to serve.

“The man I am becoming is a generous, productive, confident businessman and father”

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