Your Boys are going to BURST..

Their Knees are bouncing, eyes twitching, agitation deafening.

This is usually why:

  1. They come to school with baggage from home (for some, unspoken trauma)
  2. They enter a world where they must adapt or die, so their guards are up (this can look like either isolation or obnoxiousness)
  3. They sit down quietly on average 4-5 hours a day, expected by guardians & teachers to learn and perform (for some it\’s a matter of; or else)
  4. They come back home, some to a very authoritative environment (some again, to unspoken trauma)
  5. They are pulled in an infinite amount of directions on the internet, with half the options targeting their hormonal impulses (leading them down an attention rabbit hole)
  6. They are expecting to do homework; right after some instant gratification, often lasting longer than an instant
  7. Then get ready to go back to school, some dehydrated and sleeping late hours, because why not?

I think the point is made…

We\’re not stating that certain behaviors\’ are acceptable.

We\’re also not stating that it\’s anyone\’s fault.

HOWEVER, this is the situation for many. And an empowered educator, finds a way, and there always is.

FYI: the \’some\’ that I\’ve mentioned: They are the strong ones.

They are the young developing humans who are suffering with trauma, and bravely use school as an out.

It\’s better than going in.

It\’s an unmet need. NOT A CONDITION TO BE FIXED.

The need is validation and safety.

THIS is how you win them over.

Get everyone in a nice circle, speak authentically, empathise and invite them to empathise with YOU.

Validate them for their incredible courage when they step up with initiative.

Their world will change, and so will yours.

Because Flooring the Pedal with no fuel in the car.

That\’s not resilience, that\’s burn out…

If this helped you; you got this 🙂

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